The largest vinyl record store

in Vilnius


New records every week!

vinylOmania – a place where the records keep on spinning, and conversation about music is endless.

We are happy that you have discovered us, and would like to introduce ourselves:

vinylOmania is one of the largest record shops in Vilnius. We are a classic record shop in witch you can find records from all over the world in various genres, both used and brand new. Here you can discover rare records that you can’t find anywhere else in Lithuania. Our assortment already holds up to 20 000 black gold units. Rock, pop, jazz, EDM, soul or classical – all of which you will find in the VinilOmania collection. And we can assure you, that you will easily find a record to complete your own! If you are in search of something particular, or have any questions for us, we kindly invite you to visit our store in Pylimo g. 32/ Lydos g. Vilnius, call us +37061475807 or send an email at

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